Method for calculating power flow of power distribution networks



The invention provides a method for calculating power flow of power distribution networks. The method includes building node and branch information matrixes; carrying out current back-substitution updating and voltage push-forward updating on each node by the aid of progressive comparison processes; constructing error matrixes; comparing the error matrixes to convergence values to obtain power flow solution. The method has the advantages that parameters of the power distribution networks are known, and accordingly the node and branch information matrixes are easy to acquire; power of the various nodes does not need to be calculated in power flow calculation procedures on the basis of the progressive comparison processes, principles are simple as compared with Jacobian matrixes in Newton-Ralfson's methods, programming is easy to implement, the method is high in convergence speed and data accuracy, and precise power flow data can be provided for operation and maintenance staffs for the power distribution networks.




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