Audio processing method, device and system



The invention discloses an audio processing method, device and system. Speech signals collected by a microphone array are converted into multiple channels of digital signals through an ADC to be input into an FGPA chip or MCU chip, left channel data and right channel data in the multiple channels of digital signals are sequentially received by the FGPA chip or MCU chip, and after caching is conducted on the left channel data and the right channel data for a preset period of time, a single channel of digital signals containing synchronous recognition signals are output to an audio processor, and data are restored by the audio processor to each channel for audio processing. According to the audio processing method, multiple channels of front-end input digital signals are processed into a single channel of digital signals through software or hardware, and then the signals are output to a back-end processing system, so that the compatibility of system design is improved and development cycle and cost are reduced.




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