The invention discloses a setting value boundary automatic fusion method under a grid partition weak coupling condition, which comprises the following steps: step one, a URI prefix of dispatching unit data is configured according to the dispatching jurisdiction range of a distributed system, wherein a URI of each object is unique in the whole network; step two, a calculation scene is established; step three, an actual operation mode is taken as a limiting condition; and step four, boundary coupling calculation is performed by using the above steps. According to the invention, a boundary coupling algorithm for all kinds of weak coupling partition splicing based on an open-loop mode is accomplished by taking the actual operation mode as a limiting condition, the fusion efficiency is effectively improved, the transient stability level is authentically reflected, and problems that the amount of partition fusion data is too great, fusion is difficult to be performed, effective fusion cannot be performed because of mutually exclusive conditions, and the like are effectively solved. The invention provides an effective method for realizing integrated modeling and calculation in power grid splicing.




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