Random sequence generating method and device



The embodiment of the invention discloses a random sequence generating method and device. The random sequence generating method comprises the following steps: according to preset fitting precision, determining a definitional domain interval and definitional domain subintervals of a step function; in a mapping interval range, generating uniformly distributed random sequences; according to a preset mapping relation and the function values of the definitional domain subintervals of the step function, acquiring mapping subintervals corresponding to the definitional domain subintervals of the step function in the mapping interval range of the uniformly distributed random sequences; in the definitional domain subintervals of the step function, uniformly generating the random sequences according to the number of random numbers in the corresponding mapping subintervals. By the random sequence generating method, through fitting of probability density functions of random number sequences to be generated and through division from the existing random number sequences according to a preset mapping rule, the obtained random sequences not only conform to actually required distribution, but also can meet requirements of a large number theorem and a central limit theorem in a statistical sense.




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