Hard X-ray flux detection system of J-TEXT Tokamak device



The invention discloses a hard X-ray flux detection system of a J-TEXT Tokamak device. The hard X-ray flux detection system comprises a hard X-ray detection module, a detection circuit and an AD data acquisition module; the J-TEXT Tokamak device generates a large number of high-speed escape electrons when disruption is operated; the high-speed escape electrons bombard the material of the first wall of the device so as to directly damage the material; great importance should be attached to the density monitoring of the escape electrons; when the escape electrons damage the first wall, thick target bremsstrahlung occurs between the escape electrons and the material, and hard X-rays are generated, and the energy of the hard X-rays can be up to 0.5 to 10MeV; the more escape electrons strike the wall of the device, the higher the energy of the generated hard X-rays is, and the higher pulse voltage outputted by the detector is; hard X-ray optical signals are converted to pulse voltage signals through the hard X-ray detection module; the peak signals of the pulse signals are detected by the detection circuit; the peak signals are transmitted to a computer terminal through the data acquisition card; the computer terminal stores the peak signals; radiation intensity can be determined; and since the radiation intensity is proportional to the amplitude of the pulse signals, the distribution condition of the escape electrons can be obtained.




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