Detection tool of tensioning wheel connection board



The present invention provides a detection tool of a tensioning wheel connection board. The technical problems are solved that a current detection device is complex and time-wasting in detection and low in detection efficiency. The tool comprises a base plate, press fitting mechanisms, a location mechanism and a detection mechanism. There are two groups of press fitting mechanisms which are respectively arranged at front and back sides of the base plate. The location mechanism comprises an axle hole location mechanism and a slot location mechanism which are respectively arranged at left and right sides of the base plate. The axle hole location mechanism comprises a location pin and a location hole, wherein the location hole is arranged on the base plate and is matched with the location pin. The slot location mechanism comprises an insertion block, a location plate and a pushing mechanism. The insertion block is vertically fixed at the end surface of the left side of the location plate, the end surface of the left side of the location plate is a plane, and the pushing mechanism is connected with the location plate and pushes the location plate to the left side. The detection mechanism comprises a seal groove detection mechanism and a screwed hole detection mechanism. The seal groove detection mechanism comprises a first detection seat, a measurement bar, an expansion link and a first elastic component.




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