Suspended type waste salt heat treatment device



The invention discloses a suspended type waste heat treatment device which comprises a fluidized bed preheating dryer, a smashing separation tower, a multistage pyrolysis incinerator, a turbulence bed heating incinerator and a fast fluidizing roasting bed. Compared with the prior art, the suspended type waste heat treatment device has the following beneficial effects that heating and warming are conducted in a segmented manner, and the comprehensive energy utilization rate of kinetic energy and heat energy of flue gas is comprehensively utilized; oxygen-rich high-temperature air is directly supplied to the multistage pyrolysis incinerator through a combustor, salt particles are scoured repeatedly by high-temperature air among multiple stages of cyclone separators, the flowing direction is changed multiple times, organic matter stuck to the surfaces of salt particles is scraped, the contact area between the surfaces of the salt particles and the high-temperature air is enlarged in a multiplied manner, and the salt particles are easily gasified or decomposed; and the heating temperature of the turbulence bed heating incinerator is stable, the staying time is long, and treatment can be more sufficient.




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