Digital flow distribution and speed adjustment type low-speed axial plunger pump



A digital flow distribution and speed adjustment type low-speed axial plunger pump comprises a shell, an input shaft mechanism arranged in the shell, a return mechanism, five sets of plungers each provided with a high-speed electromagnetic switch valve, and corresponding flow pass structures, wherein the tail end of the input shaft mechanism is provided with an angle encoder connected with an electronic control unit, the five high-speed electromagnetic switch valves are controlled respectively through the electronic control unit, the input end of each high-speed electromagnetic switch valve is connected with a corresponding plunger cavity, and two output ends of each are connected with a low-voltage cavity and a high-voltage cavity respectively. By modifying the whole flow pass structure of the axial plunger pump, all friction pairs are lubricated with cold oil; a pump block is simple and compact in structure, energy conversion efficiency is high, and the service life is extended; in addition, the high-speed electromagnetic switch valves distributed at the plunger cavities are used herein to replace traditional flow distribution plates or flow distribution one-way valves, and easy-to-control digital flow distribution and speed adjustment mode under random low-speed input is formed.




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