Aluminum alloy material for electric conduction



The invention discloses an aluminum alloy material for electric conduction. The aluminum alloy material for the electric conduction is formed by smelting of the following alloy elements, by mass, of 2.57%-2.63% of Mg, 1.26%-1.49% of Fe, 0.36%-0.67% of Si, 0.11%-0.20% of Ge, 0.044-0.049% of Mn, 0.026%-0.037% of Ni and the balance Al. A preparation method comprises the following steps that (1) preparation and pretreatment are conducted, specifically, according to the elements needing to be smelted in the aluminum alloy material, raw materials containing all the elements are collected and prepared, wherein the raw material containing the aluminum element is subjected to purification operation through an electrolysis method; and (2) melting and forming are conducted, specifically, under the protection of argon, metal powder and the raw materials are mixed and then placed in a medium-frequency induction heating furnace to be smelted, then cooled and poured into a mould, after standing, demoulding and forming are conducted, and the aluminum alloy material for electric conduction is obtained. According to the aluminum alloy material for electric conduction prepared by the invention has the beneficial characteristics that cost is low, the electrical property is excellent, and large-scale production can be achieved.




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