Method of cultivating biological flocs and application thereof in breeding litopenaeus vannamei



The invention relates to a method of cultivating biological flocs and an application thereof in breeding litopenaeus vannamei and relates to cultivation of biological flocs. The cultivated biological flocs comprise bacillus pumilus, lactobacillus acidophilus and pichia guilliermondii. The method comprises the following steps: preparing a bacillus pumilus inoculant, a lactobacillus acidophilus inoculant and pichia guilliermondii powder; adopting a way of splashing bacillus pumilus powder, saccharomycetes powder and a lactic acid bacteria inoculant for a water body per mu every day, and arranging an nano aerating tube in the lower layer around a cultivation pond to aerate to form the flocs; adjusting the C/N weight of a cultivating water body and controlling the C/N at (12-14): 1; and after the biological flocs are cultivated, splashing the bacillus pumilus inoculant, pichia guilliermondii powder and a lactobacillus acidophilus inoculant to the water body per mu every day. The cultivated biological flocs can be applied to breeding litopenaeus vannamei.




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