Heating system of biogas digester


  • Inventors: WEI SHANGREN
  • Assignees: 韦尚仁
  • Publication Date: May 31, 2017
  • Publication Number: CN-106754282-A


The invention discloses a heating system of a biogas digester, and solves the problem that the temperature of an existing biogas digester is difficult to control. The heating system of the biogas digester comprises an annular heater which is arranged at the upper part in the biogas digester, wherein the annular heater is provided with a gas release valve and is connected with the heating system. The heating system disclosed by the invention has the following beneficial effects that a hot water ladle is heated by utilizing a small amount of biogas and is transferred to the annular heater, so that the temperature in the biogas digester is quickly increased, an ideal temperature is reached, and a large amount of biogas is produced. According to the heating system disclosed by the invention, a round glass fiber reinforced plastic biogas digester is preferably utilized for carrying out dry fermentation, so that energy saving and environment protection are realized, the fermentation speed is fast, the biogas producing efficiency is high, and saturated utilization of common families can be met.




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