Special organic silicon defoamer for coatings



The invention discloses a special organic silicon defoamer for coatings. The special organic silicon defoamer contains the following components in percentage by weight: 10%-20% of modified siloxane, 10%-15% of modified polyether, 15%-25% of organic silicon resin, 30%-50% of organic silicon fluid, 5%-20% of white carbon black, 3%-5% of an emulsifying agent, 1%-5% of a surfactant and 0.1%-0.2% of a catalyst, wherein the molecular weight of the organic silicon resin is 10000-50000, and the viscosity of the organic silicon fluid is 5000-1500000 centipoises. The special organic silicon defoamer is a polysiloxane-polyether copolymer emulsion type defoamer, is mainly used for eliminating foams in the production process of water-based emulsion paint and is particularly suitable for eliminating foams in emulsions such as a styrene acrylic emulsion, a pure acrylic emulsion and a vinyl acetate emulsion. The special organic silicon defoamer has the advantages of low use amount, high defoaming speed and long foam inhibition time and can be further used for eliminating foams in the production processes of products such as water-based ink, water-diluted resin, water-based epoxy resin, water-based color paste and sizing agents.




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