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US-2015166386-A1: Clarifier Sludge Withdrawal System patent, US-2015230348-A1: Electronic device including opening patent, US-2015269215-A1: Dependency-aware transaction batching for data replication patent, US-2015273283-A1: Ball Retrieving Apparatus patent, US-2015330057-A1: Work tool pitch control system for a machine patent, US-2015340726-A1: Energy storage device patent, US-2015377067-A1: Mid turbine frame (mtf) for a gas turbine engine patent, US-2016015427-A1: Systems and Methods for Correcting Spinal Deformity patent, US-2016050193-A1: System and methods for secure communication in mobile devices patent, US-2016262804-A1: Adjacent level facet arthoroplasty devices, spine stabilization systems, and methods patent, US-2017018861-A1: Thread to Compress Connector patent, US-2017024165-A1: Method and information processing system patent, US-2015092997-A1: Person recognition apparatus, person recognition method, and non-transitory computer readable recording medium patent, US-2015103735-A1: Data communications network for an aircraft patent, US-2015117751-A1: Method of inspecting images of connectors of optical cables by using live, still or stored images patent, US-2015119844-A1: Absorbent article having an absorbent assembly with integral containment flaps patent, US-2015143057-A1: Adaptive data prefetching patent, US-2015151699-A1: Shock absorbing member patent, US-2015176049-A1: Determining usability of analytical test strip patent, US-2015204871-A1: Automated immunoanalyzer system for performing diagnostic assays for autoimmune and infectious diseases patent, US-2015281523-A1: Conversion between color spaces patent, US-2015345537-A1: Bonding washer patent, US-2015361235-A1: Release film patent, US-2015375928-A1: Breaking system applied in capsules for espresso machines, tea and other solubles, made of thermoplastic material, aluminium or its derivatives patent, US-2016150677-A1: Thermoelectric Cooler Controller patent, US-2016328221-A1: Run-Time Interception of Software Methods patent, US-2016344880-A1: Printer interface selection and control patent, US-2017082009-A1: Apparatus and method for removing poison of lamda sensor patent, US-2017132257-A1: Methods and apparatus for a distributed database within a network patent, US-2015220565-A1: System, method and computer program product for controlling file migration in archiving systems patent, US-2015229232-A1: Electrical energy transmission system patent, US-2015253884-A1: Determination of bezel area on flexible display patent, US-2015295270-A1: Electrode assembly and secondary battery including the same patent, US-2015306180-A1: Gm-csf for use in the prevention of spontaneous abortion and embryo implantation failure patent, US-2015310628-A1: Method for reducing false object detection in stop-and-go scenarios patent, US-2015378879-A1: Methods, software, and systems for software testing patent, US-2016001168-A1: System for racking billiard balls patent, US-2016019963-A1: Auto-tracking unselected word line voltage generator patent, US-2016188247-A1: Memory management in presence of asymmetrical memory transfer cost patent, US-2016225449-A1: State-changeable device patent, US-2016320206-A1: Stationary magnet variable reluctance magnetic sensors patent, US-2017117240-A1: Redistribution layer structure, semiconductor substrate structure, semiconductor package structure, chip structure, and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2017160226-A1: Dual gate biologically sensitive field effect transistor patent, US-2017249146-A1: Bandwidth reduction for instruction tracing patent, US-2015091814-A1: Method for detecting touch panel noise and performing signal control and associated controller patent, US-2015261473-A1: Memory system and method of controlling memory system patent, US-2015319462-A1: Hypothetical reference decoder parameters for partitioning schemes in video coding patent, US-2015331422-A1: Autonomous Vehicle Interface System patent, US-2016018583-A1: Backlight unit patent, US-2016134454-A1: Broadcast signal transmitting apparatus, broadcast signal receiving apparatus, broadcast signal transmitting method, and broadcast signal receiving method patent, US-2017004188-A1: Apparatus and Method for Graphically Displaying Transaction Logs patent, US-2017038275-A1: Monitoring system for turbomachinery patent, US-2017064166-A1: Camera-Lens Automatic Pop-Up Assembly patent, US-2015120232-A1: Shape calculation apparatus and method, measurement apparatus, method of manufacturing article, storage medium patent, US-2015219832-A1: Backlight assembly and display device having the same patent, US-2015239302-A1: System including pressurized load cells patent, US-2015285066-A1: Electro-Acoustic Transmission of Data Along a Wellbore patent, US-2015286713-A1: System and method for fuzzy ontology matching and search across ontologies patent, US-2015308876-A1: Adjustable pet food scoop patent, US-2015316436-A1: Vertical membranes for pressure sensing applications patent, US-2015326155-A1: Method for reducing performance degradation due to redundant calculation in high integrity applications patent, US-2016016097-A1: Field enhanced separation apparatus patent, US-2016033139-A1: Elongated burner assembly patent, US-2016123675-A1: Connection module, heat exchanger, and corresponding heat-exchanging assembly patent, US-2016180688-A1: Hygiene device service notification patent, US-2016201125-A1: Compositions and methods for molecular labeling patent, US-2017175088-A1: Methods and compositions for producing vitamin k dependent proteins patent, US-2015088865-A1: Query processing patent, US-2015097700-A1: Team performance monitoring patent, US-2015200769-A1: Cross-channel data communication with data phase-locked loop patent, US-2015251174-A1: Auto-suction quantitative micro-blood-sample collection tube patent, US-2015310697-A1: Bearer raffle with enhanced security and execution features patent, US-2015370713-A1: Storage system and storage control method patent, US-2015376690-A1: Molecular redundant sequencing patent, US-2016050603-A1: Interference information processing method and device patent, US-2016249697-A1: Method Of Gripping A Striking Apparatus patent, US-2016269832-A1: Handheld device patent, US-2017293353-A1: Gaze Point Detection Using Dynamic Facial Reference Points Under Varying Lighting Conditions patent, US-2015136253-A1: Hydraulic control circuit for drive line patent, US-2015146681-A1: Systems and methods for bundling resource blocks in a wireless communication network patent, US-2015156807-A1: Bearer establishment method, base station, packet data gateway, and computer system patent, US-2016236629-A1: Molding patent, US-2016257889-A1: Pre-processing Bio-oil Before Hydrotreatment patent, US-2016342451-A1: Dynamic error code, fault location, and test & troubleshooting user experience correlation/visualization systems and methods patent, US-2015268656-A1: Drug Dispensing Device patent, US-2015270818-A1: Gain calibration patent, US-2015362234-A1: Cold dynamic cycle refrigeration apparatus patent, US-2016245734-A1: Portable hydraulic brinell testing apparatus patent, US-2016269357-A1: Relay managing method and network management system server using the same patent, US-2016316115-A1: Image capturing device patent, US-2015113347-A1: Commanded jtag test access port operations patent, US-2015271640-A1: Wi-fi tile transfer patent, US-2015361703-A1: Wind resistant door assembly patent, US-2016143154-A1: Component mounting apparatus patent, US-2016169449-A1: Gas filling method and station patent, US-2016239132-A1: Display device patent, US-2016227846-A1: Bra with support portions patent, US-2017177598-A1: Centralized parallel burst engine for high performance computing patent, US-2015114576-A1: Venetian blind comprising pairwise interconnected slats patent, US-2016085451-A1: Drive array policy control patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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