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US-9694377-B2: Fluid product dispenser patent, US-9702832-B2: CT imaging methods and systems patent, US-9707788-B2: Conductive thermal imaging receiving layer with receiver overcoat layer patent, US-9730218-B2: Systems and methods for group access to the wireless medium of a wireless network patent, US-9755396-B1: EUV LPP source with improved dose control by combining pulse modulation and pulse control mode patent, US-9757506-B2: Integrated kit for separating blood and concentrating PRP and method for extracting PRP using the same patent, US-9758714-B2: Subterranean treatment with compositions including hexaaquaaluminum trihalide patent, US-9764063-B2: Method for producing mixed cell population of cardiomyocytes and vascular cells from induced pluripotent stem cell patent, US-9799955-B2: Two-dimensional electronically steerable antenna patent, US-9827892-B2: Deployable seat cover patent, US-9834694-B2: Method of printing pigment-based inks including ink sets, inks and printers therefor patent, US-9839446-B2: Coupling device for coupling a rod to a bone anchoring element and bone anchoring device with such a coupling device patent, US-9841796-B2: Preventing dark current in battery management system patent, US-9842871-B2: Method of manufacturing semiconductor device patent, US-9846180-B2: Current sensing assembly employing magnetic sensors patent, US-9869319-B2: Vacuum pump patent, US-9874341-B2: Double fresnel pir lens patent, US-9884627-B1: Device and method for adjusting vehicle fuel efficiency based on an altered vehicle surface area patent, US-8609786-B2: Methods for the manufacture of polycarbonate compositions, the compositions formed thereby, and articles thereof patent, US-8616178-B2: Engine braking system using spring loaded valve patent, US-8619262-B2: Device and method for vibrating a solid amplification member within a gyrolaser patent, US-8622272-B2: Setting tool patent, US-8651777-B2: Adjustable doweling jig patent, US-8678794-B2: Refrigerant compressor arrangement having a telescopic tube in suction opening patent, US-8695695-B2: Downhole tool with pumpable section patent, US-8718585-B2: Method and device for radio communication patent, US-8719549-B2: Device to reconfigure multi-level logic networks, method to reconfigure multi-level logic networks, device to modify logic networks, and reconfigurable multi-level logic network patent, US-8734069-B2: Rotary cutting tool patent, US-8780940-B2: Method and apparatus for compressing frame patent, US-8791912-B2: Display system and method patent, US-8805330-B1: Audio phone number capture, conversion, and use patent, US-8812137-B2: Controlling sensor networks patent, US-8826697-B2: Method of manufacturing plate member and plate member patent, US-8839760-B1: Apparatus for rotating a crankshaft patent, US-8850603-B2: System and method for enhancing device passcode security patent, US-8869577-B2: Measuring device, roll stand and method of detecting the height of a roll gap patent, US-8878020-B2: Soybean cultivar S110226 patent, US-8878148-B2: Method and apparatus of pretreatment of an electron gun chamber patent, US-8895205-B2: Solid oxide fuel cell comprising a coated wire current collector patent, US-8906569-B2: Heat exchanger for a hot fuel cell patent, US-8911462-B2: One body lancet and no pain type blood collecting device patent, US-8927091-B2: Display device and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-8936249-B2: Resilient seal having a pressurized bellows spring patent, US-8945050-B2: Pen needle assembly for intradermal injection patent, US-8603560-B2: Milk protein isolate and process for its preparation patent, US-8947117-B2: Signal transmission circuit device, semiconductor device, method and apparatus for inspecting semiconductor device, signal transmission device, and motor drive apparatus using signal transmission device patent, US-8952192-B2: Phosphorylated and branched dihydroxy-pentane-dione (DPD) analogs as quorum sensing inhibitors in bacteria patent, US-8956827-B2: Histological method patent, US-8958682-B2: Imaging device patent, US-8966641-B2: Method and apparatus for ensuring security of remote user interface session using out-of-band communication patent, US-8978432-B2: Multi-stage tube hydroforming process patent, US-8995470-B2: Transmitting device and transmitting method patent, US-9000375-B2: Method and system for determining energy content and detecting contaminants in a fluid stream patent, US-9031003-B2: Terminal, the transmission power of which is limited in accordance with an adjacent channel interference ratio patent, US-9062258-B2: Process for hydrotreating a diesel fuel feedstock, hydrotreating unit for the implementation of the said process, and corresponding hydrorefining unit patent, US-9076564-B2: Multi charged particle beam writing apparatus and multi charged particle beam writing method patent, US-9077223-B2: Electrical rotating machine patent, US-9094591-B2: Camera support apparatus patent, US-9107780-B2: Disposable pad for children's outfit patent, US-9146688-B2: Advanced groomer for storage array patent, US-9149439-B2: Multi-particulate, modified-release composition patent, US-9169042-B2: Energy absorbing container patent, US-9171740-B2: Quad flat non-leaded semiconductor package and fabrication method thereof patent, US-9173319-B2: Portable communication device and cradle apparatus thereof patent, US-9208065-B1: Correlating out-of-band process data during mobile test automation patent, US-9209520-B2: Hybrid antenna for portable communication devices patent, US-9212159-B1: Nitrated and amine-reacted asphaltenes patent, US-9252212-B2: Power semiconductor device patent, US-9264136-B2: Broadband wireless communication system and method patent, US-9265753-B2: Limited release lingual thioctic acid delivery systems patent, US-9283485-B2: Game control device, game control method, program, and game system patent, US-9301529-B2: Polysubstituted pyridyl pyrazolecarboxamide and preparation method and use thereof patent, US-9319986-B2: Method of controlling mobile information terminal and mobile information terminal patent, US-9337325-B2: Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-9341558-B1: System and method for measuring permeation properties of concrete and porous materials patent, US-9362979-B2: Ultra wideband time-delayed correlator patent, US-9378582-B2: Rendering of design data patent, US-9391323-B2: Surface modified lithiated H2V3O8 patent, US-9395674-B2: Curl correction apparatus, sheet conveying apparatus, and image forming apparatus patent, US-9400059-B2: Tube constriction valve patent, US-9406509-B2: Deposition of heteroatom-doped carbon films patent, US-9425791-B2: Semiconductor integrated circuit with shutoff control for plural power domains patent, US-9447662-B2: Abandonment and containment system for gas wells patent, US-9449332-B2: System and method for providing advertising content in media program content patent, US-9471514-B1: Mitigation of cyber attacks by pointer obfuscation patent, US-9472439-B2: Reinforcing sheet and method for producing secondary mounted semiconductor device patent, US-9479119-B2: Amplifier circuit and operation method thereof patent, US-9488293-B2: On-off microvalve with improved sealing mechanism patent, US-9493485-B2: Spirocyclic dihydro-thiazine and dihydro-oxazine BACE inhibitors, and compositions and uses thereof patent, US-9496837-B2: Doherty amplifier patent, US-9526159-B2: Rotational antenna and semiconductor device including the same patent, US-9537413-B2: System for driving a piezoelectric load and method of making same patent, US-9543464-B2: Method of making a light emitting device and a light emitting device made thereof patent, US-9543751-B2: Self-powered DC solid state circuit breakers patent, US-9577433-B2: Energy supply network for an aircraft or spacecraft, method for supplying electrical loads with energy, and aircraft or spacecraft patent, US-9581061-B2: Internal combustion engine and separator structure thereof patent, US-9600916-B2: Image processing apparatus for creating composite images, image processing method, and non-transitory computer readable recording medium patent, US-9601849-B2: Substrate-connecting electric connector and substrate-connecting electric connector device patent, US-9625038-B2: Gasket for a valve of an internal combustion engine patent, US-9632340-B2: Display device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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